Silver Jewellery Must Haves for Men 2023

23 Jan • Styling Tips
Jewellery is a universal factor that binds the world of fashion together. Without the correct accessories and jewellery, your look is ever so incomplete. The world of fashion is ever changing and so are fashion trends. Gone are the days when jewellery was restricted to genders, thanks to some of the great fashion looks pulled off by Harry Styles and Ranveer Singh- making jewellery a unisex form of statement wear one uses as a form of expression. 

Male gen-Z’s and millennials are now drawn towards accessorizing their looks with rings, necklaces, and chains and there is no doubt to say that silver jewellery is one of the hottest trends in men's fashion for 2023. So if you are a guy looking for dope silver accessories and tips on how to style them, make sure to read the end of the blog to see what Zavya has got in store for you!  

Silver Chain for Men

One of the most loved fashion jewellery by men at the moment is the silver chain. Silver chains are timeless classics that can be worn in multiple different ways and have a vast range of outfits and looks they can be worn with. A little peek of the silver chain through your formal shirts during the day, or drop them over your casual t-shirts for evenings, they are an absolute must to have in your wardrobe. The solid snake-like finish of the chain makes it look smooth and easier to blend in with Western as well as traditional wear. You can even wear them with a co-ord set of hoodies and joggers with some sneakers and pull off an off-street style look and if your vibe is a leather jacket- let's just say with the chain, this is everything you need to make your outfit a whole head turner! 

If you like to go a little overboard and edgy with your looks, stacking silver chains on top of one another is an all-time favourite of fashion gurus. Assuming it's winter, stacking on multiple layers of silver chains with different texture and build, helps add dimension and lots of shine to your otherwise neutral-toned winter look. 

One too many Rings 

A person can never have one too many rings. Rings are the easiest to carry, most convenient and hassle-free accessory to wear which is why it is majorly preferred by men. They don't overpower your look but still manage to make an impact by adding just the right amount of bling and shine to your fingers. Watches as an accessory are almost every man’s favourite. You can pair your watch with a couple of silver rings on either of your hands and make an understated fashion statement. Since there is nothing ‘age appropriates’ when it comes to rings, you can always try out new ring patterns and styles. The most in-trend ring types for men these days are Solitaire or studded rings. They look regal, and have an element of shine in them which makes them flexible for formal to informal looks.  


Silver Bracelets 

For the undying love men have for their watches, a silver bracelet is just the perfect partner to pair with your watch. Silver bracelets are one the accessories that go beyond the range of must-have jewellery. They add class and sophistication to your outfit especially because of their shine. If you plan on wearing them with a kurta pyjama for a wedding or an auspicious occasion or with a formal well-fitted suit for meetings and after parties, there is no better choice than a silver bracelet to top everything off. Not just that, they blend in beautifully with casual looks like oversized shirts with Bermuda shorts or days when you feel like going for a solid shirt and pant look. Silver bracelets for men as an accessory can almost get addictive take Salman Khan and his iconic silver bracelet that he never takes off for example! 

The world of fashion for men is vast and highly experimental, the only thing you need to have is the confidence and courage to keep on experimenting and trying until you find your personal style of jewellery that resonates with you because the way we dress, speaks a lot more than words.

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