Top Picks for Everyday Jewelry

30 Jan • Styling Tips

We all play dress up every single day of our lives. Dressing up for school, college, office, work, for a wedding or some occasion, or even just to stay home- we deserve to feel beautiful through it all. When we go outside to make a public appearance we make sure to style ourselves well to make an impression and feel confident. That should go for the way you dress at home as well, it doesn't matter if you are in your pajamas or your favorite comfort tee, you always deserve to feel special and unique. And one such way to feel so is by wearing jewelry that you can wear 24*7.  You don't have to bother taking them off every time you come home or go out and you feel comfortable in your everyday silver jewellery wear. 

We present you with a list of THE BEST silver jewelry for your everyday life. You can move around freely and stay comfortably fashionable!

Sleek and Modern Golden Plated Silver Chain

Starting off with the basics, there is nothing that can beat the power and impact of a classic and plain golden-plated chain. Perfect for your everyday looks, this stunner piece is super comfortable to wear and is also very gentle on the skin, making it friendly for all skin types. A sleek golden-plated chain is one jewelry piece that you wear once and never have to take off. It is golden plated which gives it this amazing shine and luster but also prevents it from tarnishing. It is perfect for your everyday chores, be it grocery shopping or weekday getaways, this silver chain is your best friend for everyday adventures.

Gleaming Gold Plated Silver Half Hoops

Earrings are the ultimate pieces of jewelry that add a whole different vibe to your look. A majority of women prefer to wear earrings on an everyday basis and if you are one of them, might as well make a bold impression with your everyday ‘casual’ earrings. These half hoops are attractive as is because of their shape. These earrings are adorned with shimmer along with their gold plating which makes them look even more elegant. They are super comfortable and subtle which makes them a suitable choice for everyday jewellery. You can pair them with joggers as well as a date night outfit- that is how versatile they are!

Rosy Radiance Rose Gold-Plated Silver Ring

An everyday look can never be complete without a ring which is why you need one with little to no studs so that it doesn't get entangled and manages to get the comfort in style aspect right. The dual ring patterned rosy radiance rose gold ring by Zavya is the perfect find for your everyday life. It is classy, has a modern twist, simple which keeps it best suited for the everyday theme. The rose gold color too is soothing and easy to blend in with all sorts of outfits. This is one of the best rings from our collection as you don't have to bother taking it off ever because of how comfortable and gorgeous it is.

Enchanting Rose Rose Gold Plated Silver Bracelet

Bracelets are the new favorites of everyday fashion. The enchanting rose gold plated silver bracelet has a very sleek and subtle design which makes it ideal for everyday use. It is best for occasions where you don't have to dress up fancy but still make an impact through your accessories. This bracelet goes best when paired with a wristwatch as it adds a little charm to the bracelet, making it a combo you can never leave your house without.

Choose jewelry that makes you feel your true self and the ones that resonate with you. Zavya offers you a range of exquisite silver jewellery wear that is not only high quality and also sensitive skin-friendly. Our products are of authentic silver and are made only for you, so no matter which ones you choose to be your everyday best jewelry friends, we wish you to feel happy, content, and satisfied with them all! Happy Shopping!