Pearls Jewelry that Bring Out the Best in You

18 Nov • Styling Tips

It’s official: pearls are everywhere – and we couldn’t be more happier about it! At Zavya, we’ve led the charge with our ‘pearl-tastic collection,’ offering pearls jewellery for everyone to be layered, stacked, and worn in any way your heart desires.

Let’s dive into a little history lesson, shall we? Pearls have been cherished since 2300 B.C., making them the world’s oldest gem. That’s right, these lustrous orbs have stood the test of time. It’s true what Cyndi said, pearls just wanna have fun.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, our pearls are designed for you. Traditionally, pearls symbolise wisdom and knowledge, making them the perfect choice for self-exploration and self-expression.

Zavya Pearls

Freshwater Pearl 925 Silver Jewellery Set in Rose GoldIconic jewellery to style from day to night, upgrade your ear stack with drop earrings or pearl studs. Or, adorn them on your hands or ankles with our pearl bracelets and anklets, plus necklaces bring the pearl power to you.

Each of Zavya’s pearls is made of the best quality pearls, freshwater pearls. Satin-like freshwater pearls come from the ocean in many colours, shapes, and sizes. Imagine.

Style Your Pearls Like A Minimalist

Oceanic Delight 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings with Fish Hook DesignWhen it comes to minimalist styling, elevated simplicity is the motto of the game. There are two options: classic or modern. Classic indicates simple pearls, such as a single pearl drop earring or pearl necklace. Smaller seed pearl shapes are perfect for a trendy minimalist look. Modern indicates a mix and match with a chic wardrobe to create a look for today. Statement yet minimal pieces work great for such a look.

Style Your Pearls Like A Maximalist

Pearl and CZ Ensemble Rose Gold 925 Sterling Silver BraceletAs if we needed another reason to stack and layer, pearls on pearls elevate the glamour factor, creating the ultimate stunning statement look. May it be a bracelet stack, we’ve got the most iconic collection for pearl bracelets for women. These pieces are perfect to be paired with other rhodium or gold jewellery to create the perfect balanced look. Here the possibility is endless, Statement pieces with minimal pieces, statement with statement to attain the proper maximalist look. 

Whichever is you, go for it. Pearls are the most classic piece of jewellery and a piece that could never go wrong.

Ready to embrace the world of pearls? With Zavya, you’re not just wearing jewellery, you’re making a statement, celebrating history, and expressing your unique style. Dive into our pearl collection and let your elegance shine bright!

Ready to make the world your oyster? Explore Zavya’s exquisite pearl collection today.