Top 5 Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend's Birthday

25 Jan • Styling Tips

Your best friend is the one person who has always got your back no matter how difficult life can get. They are a few of the first people you run to when something happens to you, good or bad and they drop everything just to be by your side. She knows it when you're lying when you're feeling low- they almost are like a soul sister to you and nothing less than that. In return, you always make sure to be there for her and treat her like the queen she is and if it is her birthday- let's just say no boy can treat her the way you do! 

Girl best friends are precious to have. You have tiny moments where you truly feel grateful for them to be a part of your life. You wish her every success, and happiness because you know she deserves it all. And for her birthday, it only makes sense to gift her with presents that are no less precious than her and that she can cherish forever. We have enlisted the top 5 jewellery suggestions for your bestie's birthday so that she can wear a little of your love now and then.

Silver Evil Eye Bracelet

Your one-of-a-kind bestie who is funny, pretty, and is the soul of every party, needs to be protected from the negative vibes and ill-speaks of the world. The one-of-a-kind solution to that problem is an evil eye bracelet that will not only ward off evil negative vibes around her but its special design and build will also suit her fashionable personality. If not for superstitious reasons, you can still gift it to her as the Evil Eye jewellery collection is a lot in trend these days. Bracelets on the other hand are not preferred by everyone to wear, mainly because they can be a little tricky to style. But these days bracelets are worn with almost all outfits and on all occasions making them a complete must-have for your bestie's (or your) wardrobe. Your gift would help your best friend to stay fashionably up-to-date and also protect her from bad vibes. What better gift than that right?

Pink Princess Silver Ring in Rose Gold (Adjustable)

Your bestie deserves nothing less than princess treatment on her birthday since that is the one day you can use as an excuse to pamper her however you want to. From surprising her with her favorite cake to gifting her a gorgeous pink silver ring- she would be in awe of everything. The ring is shaped into a princess crown with a pink jewel in the center which adds a soft dimension to the ring. This silver ring truly expresses how you view your bestie- that she indeed is a princess and should be treated like one. Not just that, the ring would also be a great reminder to treat herself like a priority too, since you know she can get too busy caring for the other people around her.

Heartcore Silver Ring in Rose Gold (Adjustable)

Rings are very much in trend these days so why not give your bestie more than one option? This gorgeous ring has a heart stud in the center and the rose gold plating makes it more charming. This is also a great gift that she can use on an everyday basis and feel fashionable. Its shiny and quirky element that comes from the heart- makes it a perfect find to suit your bestie's personality!

Infinity Silver Necklace

Talking about jewellery, how can one possibly forget a gorgeous necklace? Necklaces and pendants are a must-have especially if your bestie likes to wear a lot of dresses. The infinity silver necklace by Zavya is an all-time favorite of many young women. Its intricate design, infinity symbol, and silver colors make it soft and shiny. It goes beautifully with deep-neck tops or dresses for the summer and can also be worn over turtlenecks in the winter season. This product is worth gifting since the infinity symbol can stand as a sign of your unbreakable bond and friendship and that you will always be around them, no matter the highs and lows of life.

Silver Butterfly Stud Earring

Butterfly earrings for your chirpy bestie! Butterflies are the new favorite of this season. Butterfly print tops, skirts, clips, and now jewellery are very much in trend by this generation. The silver butterfly stud earring is a safe choice to go for since it is a timeless beauty, the silver color would never go out of style, and its delicate design helps them go seamlessly with different outfits. Butterflies are also very delicate and beautiful and symbolize growth and new beginnings- making them a reasonable buy for your soul sister's birthday. 

One can never have too many accessories. Talking about the coming age trends, jewellery is a big game changer. Bring your A-game on by gifting your bestie our top 5 suggestions of silver jewellery on her birthday and surprise her with them!