How to Take Care of 925 Silver Jewellery

20 Oct • Care Files

Make Sure Your Silver Never Loses Its Shine With These Tips 

Don't you just love silver? The metal is versatile and exquisite in addition to being affordable. Silver jewellery can be classic as well as contemporary. Zavya's modern designs make silver a staple in the modern woman's wardrobe. However, you may have noticed that your silver has started to lose its shine after a while. 

Sterling silver or 925 silver is made from 92.5% or pure silver. The rest are some other alloys that give silver jewellery their strength and malleability. The downside is that they also lead to silver tarnishing. The good news is that you can prevent tarnishing and maintain your jewellery's shine by following the tips given below.  

Ensure Proper Storage

Silver jewellery tends to tarnish when exposed to air for a long duration. You can prevent this by ensuring that you always store your silver in airtight pouches.

The pouches and packaging boxes offered with Zavya's jewellery are specially designed to minimise air exposure and, therefore, the chances of your jewellery tarnishing. Always store the jewellery in the pouch and packaging box that came with it. Wrapping the jewellery in the soft polishing cloth also ensures that the chances of getting scratched are minimised. 

Avoid leaving your jewellery on the countertop or dressing table where it is exposed to air for a long duration. Also, ensure that you store each piece of jewellery in its packaging. Storing multiple pieces in a single pouch can damage the jewellery.

Clean Only With the Polishing Cloth

Properly cleaning your jewellery is equally important to ensure that it does not tarnish. Zavya provides a polishing cloth with each piece of jewellery that you can use to clean it. 

Use the tip of the cloth to clean the nooks and crannies and wipe the whole piece clean. If your jewellery has become excessively dirty, then a solution of soap and water or baking soda and water is all you need to bring back its shine.

However, make sure to wipe it and let it dry before storing.

Keep the Jewellery Away From Water

Water contains many chemicals that can hasten the tarnishing of the jewellery. Similarly, any kind of moisture such as sweat can also hasten this process. 

Make sure you remove your silver jewellery before stepping out in the rain, washing dishes, swimming and working out. If your jewellery comes in contact with water, clean it thoroughly and dry it completely before storing it. 

Know When to Wear and When to Take Your Jewellery Off

Your silver jewellery needs to be worn. Wearing it often can reduce the chances of it being tarnished. However, you should remove it while doing household chores or working out or engaging in any other activity that can expose it to chemicals.

Another key point to note is that you must always wait for any lotions, perfume or makeup to dry before you put on your jewellery.

Let it Shine 

Zavya's silver jewellery is rhodium plated. The plating ensures that your jewellery does not tarnish fast and will stay shiny for longer. Zavya also hallmarks all the silver jewellery and provides them with an authenticity certificate.

With such high-quality silver jewellery, following the tips mentioned above will ensure that your prized silver possessions continue to shine for years ahead.