5 Attractive Dainty Silver Jewellery for New Brides

27 Jan • Styling Tips

Marriage is all about welcoming changes in your life. If you change your surname post-marriage, your fashion sense and preferences, all face a big shift. With the ever-changing world of fashion and styling, it only makes sense to be well-prepared for your post-marriage looks, especially when everyone is curious to meet the new bride, you would surely want to make an impressionable statement. 

Newlywed fashion is all about being extra- wearing heavy suits and sarees, and being extra when nobody can judge you. But 2023 is the year where ‘extra’ is overrated and it is the era of minimal dainty wear jewellery. Lightweight silver jewellery will still make a bold impression, are easy to manage and look hella chic and pretty. We have brought you a list of must-have dainty jewellery products to buy before you step into your post-marital age!

Dainty Silver Earrings

The right pair of earrings can add stars to your look and when you are a newly wedded bride, you have many of outfits and occasions to dress for. Silver earrings have the factor of elegance and because of their lightweight build, make them easier to wear for your day-to-day use. Their ability to blend in beautifully with both Western and Indian attires will keep you away from the hassle of changing accessories as you change your outfits through multiple post-wedding rituals throughout the day. You can pair them with heavy sarees or suits and be comfortable as you go about charming other people!

Multi Strand Silver Bracelet

Gone are the days of heavy bangles. Bracelets have become a major go-to choice, especially because of their beautiful pattern, and comfort. Unlike bangles, it will add shimmer and shine to your look while making a subtle appearance and not overpowering your outfit. The bracelet is beautifully coated in rose gold, silver and gold metal which makes it even more universal to wear with both western and Indian wear. A must if you love wearing denim as much as you love wearing sarees!

Silver Nose Pin

A nose pin or ‘Nath’ in our Indian culture is considered to be one of the most important accessories for new brides and has been worn by women throughout the ages. They make your face and smile look prettier and add that little spark of shine that your face needs. Silver nose pins add a bohemian aesthetic to your look and with some kohl in your eyes- let's just say the best of first impressions have been mastered! Though for those who are not a big fan of nose piercings but still want to ace the look with a ‘nath’, Zavya offers adjustable nose pins which you can wear without having to need to get nose piercings.

Sterling Silver Anklets

Anklets also known as ‘payal’ are of great significance when it comes to Indian accessories. Wearing anklets over ethnic wear makes everyone feel like an old-school main character. Not just that, anklets are known to act as protection against swelling and also as energy healers. A pair of anklets are a must-have for a newlywed bride since they are considered to be a symbol of luck. Make sure you choose to go for ones that are soft and lightweight and don't bother you as you walk but also are intricate and detailed since that is the beauty of them. 

Silver Rings

Rings are an absolute necessity when it comes to accessorizing your looks and since we are talking about post-wedding looks, you need not just one, but as many as possible rings to play around with. Rings add a subtle shimmer to your outfit and also make your hands look attractive, especially with your post-wedding freshly manicured nails. Rings were often ignored, but it is only a fact that they have made their comeback loud enough to be paired with whatever you choose to wear. With the ample designs available, you can choose between solitaire rings colorful studded rings or simple ring bands when you choose to keep things minimalistic. 

If you are a new bride or a bride-to-be, be sure that you can never have too many accessories, since the amount of events and ceremonies you’ll have to be a part of is a long list. Make sure that whatever you choose you are comfortable wearing, and that it suits your personality and style because at the end of the day, you are the main person and you deserve to truly feel like one. 

Zavya has a very unique and beautiful collection of dainty-wear silver jewellery which you should check out to get your hands on the most attractive yet comfortable silver jewellery wear!