5 Must-Have Earrings For Every Occasion

12 Jan • Styling Tips
Earrings play a massive role in ensuring your entire look is well put together and complete. Earrings surround your face and thus should be chosen wisely since they are most likely to bring attention when anyone is talking to you. When you are headed to the office for meetings, a wedding, or an afternoon brunch, earrings are always a safe accessory to play with and make a fashionable statement. 
While the choice of earrings varies from each person's preference, there a still some staples that are a necessity to have, provided these are for occasions we all have to attend at some point in our lives. Zavya presents you with the top 5 must-have earrings that you can't miss to have in your collection! 

Intricate Floral Rose Gold Huggie 925 Silver Earrings

If all-in-one was an earring, this would be it! The specialty of this earring set lies in the beauty of its pattern. The longer you see it, the more details it starts to embrace. These are tiny silver earring hoops that wrap around your earlobe while making a gentle appearance. The rose gold plating adds a youthful dimension to it, meaning it can be paired with official as well as nonofficial looks. They are also super easy and convenient to lock, making them a hassle-free accessory, especially if you are planning to wear them to a wedding where you would want to be anything but comfortable. In our honest opinion, they shine the best with ethnic wear as they add glimmer and shine to your look and make an everlasting impression. 

Nakshatra Floral Studs 925 Silver Earrings

If you are someone who likes to play it safe when it comes to accessories, then this one is definitely for you. There is nothing that can go possibly wrong with a floral pair of silver studded earrings. Floral pattern has the tendency to blend in easily with almost all types of fabrics and outfits, making them a major must-have in your earrings collection. The most attractive thing about this set of earrings is of course the timeless pattern of a flower. It is small but shiny enough to make sure it brings all the attention to you. It is also a superbly ideal accessory to wear with your formals. In order to get their full impact, pair them up with dark-colored clothes to make them outshine the most! 

Sui Dhaga 925 Silver Earrings in Rose Gold

Who said you only need heavy earrings to make an impression? With this pair of earrings, you won't even feel like you’re wearing anything and yet manage to make a fashionable statement! The Sui Dhaga silver earrings are lightweight chained silver earrings with a drop-like effect at the bottom. These are ideal for occasions like parties, where you have to move a lot (and dance a lot), without wanting to be bothered by your choice of accessories. They are plain silver chains which makes them easily blendable with whatever you plan on wearing- dresses, pants, or off-shoulder tops. Do make sure to wear your hair up in a bun or ponytail to let your earrings have a little moment of their own!

Symmetrical Sapphire Blue 925 Silver Studs

A little pop of Sapphire Blue is all you need to add a regal look to your outfit. For occasions where you plan to go a little extra dramatic, and want to add shine and color, this pair of earrings is the perfect find for you. The deep blue color adds the element of royalty with a pop of color, making a fashion-ready statement. They are lightweight which makes them ideal for all occasions, especially the ones where you plan on wearing a plain piece of saree, a gorgeous dress, or a pantsuit for official after parties. Add a bit of blue eyeshadow or shimmer to your eyes to compliment the earrings and make a classic but bold statement. 

Delicate Dot Pearl 925 Silver Earrings

Pearls have made a major comeback in trend, making sure it is a must-have for every closet. There is nothing that can beat a classic pearl look as it marks royalty, and chicness and adds luster to your entire look. Their flexibility to blend in with different fabrics like denim and leather, makes them a big yes for fashion statements. Pearl earrings are timeless classics that go beautifully with traditional wear by adding that element of shine to them. Not just the traditional, but also pearls can go big when it comes to pairing them up with florals. Many like to wear them with shirts and pants by making a subtle yet strong appearance through the collars. Nevertheless, pearl earrings are a safe go-to for any and every outfit because they are major in trend these days. 
We hope our top 5 suggestions were helpful as they all are lightweight, easy to buy, and easy to carry in with all different kinds of outfits. Office accessories can be a little tricky but these earrings suggestions should have the tricky part covered for you. All products by Zavya are super comfortable on sensitive skin, making sure you won't have irritability or any issues afterward. 
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