Infinity Bracelet & Infinity Mangalsutra by Zavya

08 Jan • Styling Tips

 The infinity symbol means something that is unlimited and boundless, making it a symbol that is used for many meaningful and emotional purposes. The infinity symbol which looks like an ‘8’, is very much in trend these days- mostly because of its pure meaning and beautiful endless loop pattern. They are now mostly renowned to symbolize someone's endless love and care for the other person or could also be worn with the intention of having the hope to live for endless possibilities that life has to offer. Either way, it is a very profound and meaningful symbol that has made its presence in the world of fashion a very loud statement. Therefore, we at Zavya have decided to include the infinity collection in our list. Our products like infinity bracelets, infinity mangalsutra, couple rings, etc. will vow you with their shimmer.  The infinity symbol pattern is widely popularised in jewellery. From infinity rings to pendants and bracelets, they have made it into the world of fashion and are here to stay! They have a delicate and subtle pattern which makes it easier for them to blend in with different outfits and occasions. 


Zavya Best Infinity Collection online

The Infinity Collection by Zavya is a unique blend of the infinity symbol with silver jewellery and brings to you the greatest of designs that you can pair with your day-to-day as well as professional wear look. We truly understand that the infinity symbol would have different sentiments for you and thus, we bring our best in silver jewellery designs to make sure the intentions and sentiments stay purer than ever. 
  • Infinity Bracelet

Bracelets are the new favorite accessory people often like to pair with watches. Infinity bracelets are cute accessories that you can wear with ethnic as well as casual wear as they add glow and go about being the best version of yourself. 
  • Infinity Mangalsutra

Infinity marks an endless bond and when embarked with a mangal sutra, they together create a meaning of love and togetherness that lasts for an eternity. Get an infinity mangal sutra if you are getting married or already are- as a symbol of eternal love. 

  • Infinity Anklets

Your feet deserve to be decorated with accessories as much love and attention as your fingers, wrists, neck, and wrists. Gorgeous infinity anklets are lightweight, easy to carry, and extremely breathtaking in terms of their designs. 
  • Infinity Couple Ring 

Love is all about committing to infinite years of togetherness and care. Get your hands on Infinity couple rings that can mean so much more than just accessories to you and surprise your partner with it! 


Why Zavya Infinity Bracelet & Infinity Mangalsutra are popular?

Zavya bridges the gap between quality and popular designs making them suitable for anyone and everyone. Our designs are picked out by the ongoing trends and are then molded into unique patterns and styles. We attempt at bringing redefined versions of silver jewellery by making them more approachable, affordable, and most likable in all forms possible. We aspire to create designs that are not just accessories, but for each of them to hold a meaning that is personal to you. 
Our infinity collection is nothing less than emotions whined up in jewellery. The infinity bracelet has been one of our top-selling products which is most liked in today's world of fashion whereas the infinity magalsutra has a very pure and deep meaning in itself. The collection is made with 92.5% purity of silver and is coated with high-quality anti-tarnish rhodium plating.
We are a one-stop shop for trending silver infinity collection that is beautiful in design but also has an extravagant quality to speak for itself. 
  • Get Sterling Silver with 925 Hallmark 
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  • Our products come with a jewellery kit and authentication certificate
  • Free delivery with a 30 days return policy 
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Is Infinity Collection made of pure Silver? 

Yes, the Infinity collection is made of  92.5% purity of silver as the base metal. The product is then coated with a high-quality of anti-tarnish rhodium plating which assures its shine to stay as good as new.  

What about the delivery process? 

  1. It takes us up to 48 hrs to dispatch your order once it is confirmed.
  2. After being dispatched, deliveries are completed within 4-6 business days.
  3. You will keep receiving updates on the status of your order on your registered phone number and email.
  4. You can also track the status of your order here: 

What about the return policy for infinity mangalsutra?

Infinity mangalsutra and all other products have a 30-day return policy if the product doesn't fit you properly, if you don't like the quality/design, or have received a wrong/damaged product.  
The returns must be made in their original packaging. If the product is damaged or tarnished due to usage cannot be returned.