All you styling queries, answered. 13 Aug • Styling Tips

Silver jewellery has taken over Indian fashion and has got you here, searching about it. It's because of it's dainty presence and timeless shimmer that makes it perfect for daily wear jewellery. Whether you're attending a music festival, a puja, or simply want to add some elegant flair to your everyday outfits, we've got you covered.

In this blog post, we'll explore different ways to style classic silver jewellery, and achieve a look that will have heads turning wherever you go. So get ready to embrace your bold and classy side and let's start styling!

Silver jewellery at Zavya is crafted and designed specifically for you. The kind of jewellery you'd want to wear to formal gatherings as well as on family get-togethers, at Zavya we bring a wholesome collection of versatile silver jewellery that can be worn on any occasion and be seamlessly paired with any outfit.

Chic Statement Earrings

Delicate Shine Leaf CZ 925 Sterling Silver Earrings

When you think about silver jewellery to style an outfit, the first thing that comes to your mind is earrings. Shining silver earrings have an alluring charm to them that helps you add the chic factor to your looks. Statement earrings are an essential component of any ensemble when you're trying to ace the styling. These bold and eye-catching pieces will instantly elevate your look and add a touch of drama to your style. When it comes to choosing statement earrings, think big, bold, and unique.

For casual events pair them with flowy maxi dresses or classic black dresses for the final win if you plan on going on a date. Since these are your staple silver earrings, you do not need to bother accessorising more. Though the addition of a silver bracelet with a similar pattern would be nice if you feel like going a tad bit extra with drama.

Remember- choosing a statement pair of earrings that is a bit out of the ordinary- is a game of confidence. Embrace your confident self and feel your best as you let these striking earrings be the perfect finishing touch to your boho-chic outfit!

Sterling Silver Pendents

Alexis Solitaire 925 Silver Necklace

Pendants are the ultimate saviour when you're in a hurry and want to bring some bling to your outfit. Never underestimate the power of a good pendant. They bring attention to your neck and therefore bring more focus to your face.

Even though pendants are a form of accessory you buy for your closet, they can also have a lot of emotional value. It could be a gift to you by someone you love and therefore you pair it with everything you wear or a pendant you bought

Make sure to pair your pendants with tops and dresses that have deeper necklines to make your neck more visible. That way you will bring more attention to the pendant and also make your neck look taller. Another best trick is to wear it over your turtlenecks during winter, that way you add a bit of shimmer to your usually neutral-toned winter outfit.

Go All Out!

When putting together an outfit, there is no limit to how much you can play around with accessories. It's 2023 and this year is all about being in simpler outfits and wearing over-the-top dramatic jewellery. Don't limit yourself to wearing just a pendant or just earrings even though you feel like going a bit extra. Dress for yourself. Wear head to toe silver jewellery if you want to if and let yourself shine out like the true diamond that you are! In our professional opinion, there is nothing better than incorporating all kinds of jewellery into one look. Choose earrings that compliment the tones of your pendant.

Hoop & Loop 925 Silver Jewellery Set

If you are going heavy on the pendants, choose smaller and lighter earrings and vice versa. If both are big and heavy they might overpower your outfit.

The new trick to styling lies in the details. So never miss out on your silver rings. Stack them up with a couple more rings with different tones which will help add more dimension to your outfit and make your fingers look longer. Pair your watch with a classic bracelet to bring your whole look together.

And we at Zavya have got you covered for all your jewellery needs. Check out our selection of silver jewellery and we're sure you'll find something you love.