Top Silver Jewelry to shop for this Festive Season

18 Nov • Styling Tips

The Festive Season is right around the corner with lanterns and diyas lighting up everyone’s heart these days. And with everything around you glowing, it’s time for you to sparkle too. So, what’s the best way for that? Well, it’s jewelry, of course. 

Festival Jewellery is not just an accessory but it’s like the last piece that completes the jigsaw of your fabulous festive look. Festivals demand an extravagant look with lots of shimmer and sparkle. It’s that time of the year when you don’t hold back while seeing trending jewelry sets or the latest earrings and rings.

So when it comes to silver jewelry, you turn to the best and the safest option, while keeping the latest trends and variety in mind. 

Once you know the right way to accessorize, you can pull off the most elegant look for any occasion, be it a festival like Diwali, or even a wedding get-together.

Now what’s better to accessorize than awe-inspiring sterling silver jewelry with a wide variety of designs. Zavya brings to you its best picks for this festive season, from necklaces to bracelets and silver sets. Follow along to keep up with the latest jewellery trends for festival jewellery. 

Go for the simple latest designs of gold earrings 

Gold-plated silver jewelry is the only thing that can enhance the look of iridescent pearls. These elegant hoop earrings can be chosen for a basic as well as an extravagant look. Pearls are the most versatile jewellery for a festive look. Festival jewellery suits you best when it completes your look without compromising your comfort. So, we at Zavya have found lightweight, simple, latest earrings that you can flaunt all day and all night long.

Fusion wear apparel looks best with fusion wear jewelry

We know traditional wear can be quite tiresome and difficult to carry around. Make sure you choose apparel according to your comfort (Fashion can be enjoyable without always being uncomfortable). Pick a fusionwear outfit and pair it with our bestselling trending jewellery set. Adorned with gemstones and a tasseled look, this jewellery set steals hearts wherever it goes.

Complete the look with jewels on your fingers

    The gorgeous glam needs to be on your fingers too, with the latest ring to embrace your fingers. This adorned dual-infinity rose gold plated ring needs no introduction. It’s the epitome of rings that can modernise your look while being the center of attraction. Once you lay your eyes on this, you can’t take them off. Be ready to be the talk of the town while wearing this studded gorgeous ring.

    V-neck festive outfits look best with mid-length adorned necklaces

      For an elegant look with V-neck outfits and sarees, make sure you go all out with adorned necklaces that have a royal appeal to them. Let the artistic allure of this timeless necklace enhance your charm. The sparkle of these gems are sure to glam your look of the day. 

      Add a twist to your wrist with the latest bangles

        Intricately designed heavy bangles complete your jewellery bucket list. Silver bangles are versatile and can be paired with any outfit. Grace your wrists with these adorned bangles that give a royal sense to your look.

        Well, that’s all the secret ingredients for the perfect recipe of a festive look. Make sure to carry the most important accessory, your smile, to get the best looks and the perfect pics for the gram.