Best Silver Jewelry Items For Gifting

29 Jan • Styling Tips

Gifting is a beautiful activity that beautifully connects two people. While choosing a gift you put a lot of effort and thought into choosing the right present for them which makes it a very special thing you choose to do for somebody. Gifts and presents hold emotional value which is why choosing the right gift for the right person is a very important task. 

If you know the person personally, choosing the right present for them won't be as difficult. But if it is for someone you are getting to know or barely know enough to be able to make choices for them, picking a present that would suit their liking is going to be a lot more difficult. But with heaven's grace (and some smart marketing techniques), some gifts and presents are suitable for almost everyone. One such category of presents is silver jewelry by Zavya. We bring to you classic silver jewelry wear that we all should have in our wardrobes, is super comfortable for everyone and stylish which makes it even more perfect for gifting purposes. 

Make sure to read till the end of the article for we have the most versatile and style-friendly silver jewelry recommendation that will save you time and lots of effort as you go about gift shopping for your mate! 

Infinity Everything 

The world of fashion is ever-changing as new designs and trends go by but the infinity jewelry trend is here to stay forever! The infinity symbol has a very deep meaning to it it sets as a symbol for being limitless and endless. Choosing to gift a silver jewelry item from the infinity collection will have an emotional impact since your present would do the talking for you. It would be a promise you make to the giftee that you will be there for them through all the highs and lows and that your connection with them is one that goes to infinity and beyond. The infinity collection by Zavya has earrings, bracelets, pendants, anklets, and rings meaning you can choose from a vast range of designs and patterns and pick one that suits the giftee’s personality the best. 

Rings for the Safe Bet

Considering the relationship you have with the giftee is newly found but has that spark of something special, you might not want to settle for anything basic and still wish to make an impression. Rings are the hottest trend in silver jewelry these days and can be worn over and over on multiple occasions. Even if the giftee doesn't wear rings on an everyday basis, it would still be a great choice to consider since there is hardly any occasion where you cannot choose to wear a ring. Be it a party, a wedding, or an office meeting we all love a little shimmer on our fingers and make everyone be in awe of their designs. Zavya has a superb range of silver rings for him and her which are adjustable (making them size-friendly for all), highly stylish, and extremely comfortable to wear even if they have sensitive skin. Do you want to know the best part? Every time they put on the ring, it would remind them a little of your making, therefore making it an emotional as well as fashionable gift to surprise them with!

Layered Necklace in Rose Gold 

Rose Gold is the trendiest color when it comes to silver jewelry. It has a delicate shine to it and because of its feminine touch, it looks very graceful and elegant. Pendants are a few of those accessories that can make your outfit from a boring 6 to a chic and fancy 10. A rose gold pendant thus is the safest and the smartest choice for a gift since it is versatile and can blend in with literally anything they choose to wear. It will keep their confidence levels high as they go by wearing it and turning heads across the room because of how shiny and effortlessly beautiful this layered necklace is and would not be able to stop thanking you for this elegant and priced present ever! 

Gifting is simple. You pick a present that you feel they will like and give it to them with the purest and most selfless of intentions possible. It is always the thought and intentions behind the gifting that counts so make sure you choose wisely. Leash out your creative sides and choose from the wide variety of silver jewelry wear- from earrings to anklets, everything only here at Zavya. Happy Gifting!