Best Solitaire Ring & Earring at Zavya

08 Jan • Styling Tips
Solitaire Jewellery is a timeless classic of shine and elegance. They are shining gemstones that bring so much more royalty, grace, and bling to the table that when paired with even the most basic of outfits, can elevate it to a whole new level of class. Their bedazzling shine makes everyone wonder about their priceless beauty and they are the perfect find if you are looking to make a big fashion statement. They are heavy on shine and luster thus making sure to grab everyone desired attention and manage to make them stay in awe of their beauty. Especially, wearing a solitaire ring or earring literally helps you outshine others. 
Solitaires are a one-time impression thing that is majorly worn in the form of rings, earrings, and necklaces. Choose them for their versatility and ability to blend in seamlessly with formal suits as well as ethnic sarees and festive wear making them a worthwhile investment to have! 

Different Solitaire Collection available at Zavya


We at Zavya believe that jewellery that shines, brings forward the happiest of women. We have an exclusive range of Silver Solitaire collections that will make your jaw drop with shine. From bracelets to rings- we have it all covered for you!


  • Solitaire Ring


Attractive hands are all about nicely manicured nails and blingy fingers. Solitaire rings have the charm that will help you make a very classic rich impression about yourself. For occasions when you want to feel the best and the most confident version of yourself, the solitaire ring will be your best friend.


  • Solitaire Earring


Earrings are the most casual and crucial accessories that can help you elevate your look from 2 to a straight 10. If you are someone who likes to go for minimal jewellery but still loves to make an impression, solitaire earrings are all you need to make sure all eyes are on you!


  • Solitaire Necklace 


If going big and bold is your fashion style, then nothing shall stop you from buying a solitaire necklace for yourself. On days when you plan to go all out and fancy, their shine will help you boost your confidence with ounces of self-love and happiness. They are the best finds for events, functions are parties.


Why shop Solitaire earring or ring from Zavya?

At Zavya, we dream to become a symbol and a reminder of your achievements across all aspects of life - be it work, relationships, friendships, health, finances, or hobbies. We make sure to never compromise on quality and bring forward the best designs that offer class and regality. Our solitaire rings are made to be cut with perfection their adjustable hoops make the size-related doubts out of the equation. Solitaire earrings are so shiny that you just can't seem to take your eyes off them. They have a pure luster which makes them very attractive and easy to blend in with different fabrics and outfits. 
We are a one-stop shop for trending silver jewellery that is not only loud and beautiful in design but also has an extravagant quality to speak for itself. Our products and designs are handcrafted to perfection making them an ideal purchase for 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. 
  • Get Sterling Silver with 925 Hallmark 
  • Sensitive skin friendly 
  • Trending designs and weekly new launches 
  • Our products come with a jewellery kit and authentication certificate
  • Free delivery with a 30 days return policy 
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Shop for our best-selling Solitaire earrings only at and make everyone in awe of your stunning silver jewellery collection!


Is it pure Silver?


Yes, we use 92.5% purity of silver as the base metal for the product with high-quality anti-tarnish rhodium plating.

What is the delivery process?


  1. It takes us up to 48 hrs to dispatch your order once it is confirmed.
  2. After being dispatched, deliveries are completed within 4-6 business days.
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