Minimal Silver Jewelry for Everyday, and Office wear earrings

18 Nov • Styling Tips

Hey there, you gorgeous fashionista. We know you’re the best dressed in the room when it comes to a party, but have you ever wondered, how to bring that same energy into your everyday or office looks? Well, 9 to 5 is something where you’re really begging the clock to strike but picture this: You, walking into the mundane office with everything around you looking like another version of grey, and then all eyes pop on your look of the day. Why, you ask? Because you chose to accessorize yourself to get the perfect glamorous look with silver jewelry. 

Daily jewelry is all about finding the perfect Jim for your Pam, the ideal accessories to your apparel. So when it comes to minimal jewelry, you can only turn to the best. Zavya, brings to you, its specially curated collection of officewear jewelry, keeping in mind our base, 925 sterling silver jewelry and silver plated jewelry, along with your most preferred choice, office wear earrings. 

So what to keep in mind when you’re choosing minimal jewelry for everyday or office wear earrings? Let’s guide you for your favorite look.

If you’re new to jewelry, just choose the safest option- Statement pendants and stud earrings.

    Statement silver jewelry makes you stand out in the crowd while being minimal and trendy. Choose this minimal jewelry set to add an effortless look and perfect accessory to your outfit. 

    Make sure to add a bit of color.

      This rose gold pendant with chain, sets you apart with its unique pink hue and astonishingly adorned unique design. Add this to your jewelry collection for on-the-go perfect looks.

      When it comes to office wear earrings, nothing can beat the ol’dazzle of hoops

      Office earrings are the first thought to your mind, we know, when checking out office wear jewellery. Nothing can beat these classic hoops when you’re looking for silver jewelry at the last minute.

      Make sure to flaunt your second piercing with a pair of smaller stud earrings to get an effortless look

      Why compromise your second ear piercing when checking formal earrings for office? These gemstone studs by Zavya are at your service to ensure your fashionable yet formal look.

      Bracelets can be a perfect addition to your look to get that girl boss look

      Bracelets make the perfect on-the-go jewelry option. Look for single-layered silver bracelets to pair with dark-colored outfits and multi-layered rose gold bracelets for light ones. These infinity silver bracelets will steal your heart at first glance.

      Now that you have the secret guide, get ready to slay your everyday looks. Remember, when it comes to everyday jewelry, less is more. Can’t wait for you to become that girl boss diva!