Mix n Match with Silver and Gold Jewelry: How to do it Properly-Ft. gold plated silver earrings

18 Nov • Styling Tips

In the world of fashion, mixing and matching silver and gold jewelry has become a trend that continues to gain popularity. While the age-old rule of sticking to one metal is slowly fading away, there are still some guidelines you can follow to ensure your mixed metal jewelry looks chic and cohesive, like combining gold plated silver earrings with silver pendants. In this blog, we will explore how to do it properly and create stunning combinations that enhance your style.

Understanding the Basics of Silver and Gold

Dainty Silver Heart Gold Plated 925 Silver AnkletsBefore you start mixing metals, it's crucial to have a basic understanding of silver and gold. Silver has a cool, white undertone, while gold radiates warmth. These distinct properties create a beautiful contrast when combined. Knowing these differences will help you make more informed choices when selecting silver gold jewelry.

Select a Dominant Metal

Golden Cascade 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings with Drop Chain LookTo avoid a chaotic or haphazard look, it's a good idea to choose a dominant metal. This metal will be the primary focus of your ensemble. For example, if your outfit features gold accents, consider selecting a statement gold piece, such as gold plated silver earrings, to be the centerpiece. The other metal can then be used to complement and accentuate.

Balance and Symmetry

Dusty Pink Heart 925 Sterling Silver Ring for Women (Adjustable)Balancing your mixed metals is key to achieving a polished look. Consider symmetry in your jewelry choices. If you're wearing gold plated silver earrings, add a silver bracelet or a ring to maintain equilibrium. This creates a cohesive and harmonious style, making your mixed metal jewelry appear intentional rather than accidental.

Consider Multitoned Pieces

Radiant Allure 925 Sterling Silver Tri-Color Plated BraceletIf you're still hesitant about mixing metals, you can opt for jewelry pieces that are designed with both silver and gold elements. These multitoned pieces are a convenient way to achieve a blended look effortlessly. They are designed with the intent of combining metals, making the mixing and matching process more straightforward.

In conclusion, mixing silver and gold jewelry can elevate your fashion game when done properly. By understanding the basic properties of these metals, selecting a dominant metal, striving for balance, and exploring layering and multitoned pieces, you can create a chic and stylish look that's both trendy and sophisticated. Embrace the versatility of mixed metals and let your creativity shine through your silver accessories choices.